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Reader's Choice Winners - Favorite Radio Station and Rocco Pallotto Favorite Radio Personality!

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Rod Tate Award Winners

The Rod Tate Award is given out annually by Merf Radio to Mifflin County's top high school wrestler. The award is voted on by local sports media.

1979 Joe Heller, Chief Logan and Ken Whitsel, Lewistown
1980 Lew Copenhaver, Chief Logan
1981 Warren Stewart, Lewistown
1982 George Snook, Lewistown
1983 George Snook, Lewistown
1984 Mike Robinson, Lewistown
1985 Troy Hartsock, Chief Logan
1986 Mark Shafranich, Kishacoquillas
1987 Mike Lightner, Lewistown
1988 Joe Daubert, Chief Logan
1989 Joe Daubert, Indian Valley
1990 Rob Ruby, Indian Valley
1991 Rob Ruby, Indian Valley
1992 Denny Osborne, Lewistown
1993 Larry Collins, Indian Valley
1994 Matt Sheetz, Indian Valley
1995 Jeremy Hoy, Lewistown
1996 Brock Hite, Indian Valley
1997 Brock Hite, Indian Valley
1998 Barry Osborne, Lewistown
1999 Andrew Curry, Lewistown
2000 Noah Miller, Lewistown
2001 Justin Hower, Lewistown
2002 Nathan Smith, Indian Valley
2003 Andrew Winters, Indian Valley
2004 Matt Shank, Indian Valley
2005 Nic Bedlyon, Indian Valley
2006 Matt Bonson, Lewistown
2007 Nic Bedlyon, Indian Valley
2008 Matt Snyder, Lewistown
2009 Tye Boyer, Indian Valley
2010 Colton Spade, Lewistown
2011 Kaleb Loht, Indian Valley
2012 Tyson Searer, Mifflin County
2013 Hayden Hidlay, Mifflin County
2014 Hayden Hidlay, Mifflin County

Rod Tate Award Fun Facts: 2013 winner Hayden Hidlay's father Mark is the only student-athlete to have won both the Alex Ufema and Harry Rothrock/Dick Webber Award. Overall, before the Lewistown/Indian valley merger, LAHS earned 14.5 Tate awards to 14 for IV. Chief Logan captured four and Kish had one. The only tie for the award was in its first year (1979), when Chief Logan's Joe Heller and Lewistown's Ken Whitsel split the honor. Joe Daubert won the award twice, once for Chief Logan (1988) and once for Indian Valley (1989). Indian Valley's Rob Ruby is the only Tate winner to also win the Alex Ufema Award for football excellence (Tate in 1990, 1991 and Ufema in 1990). The award is named for Rod Tate, Mifflin County's first state wrestling champion. Tate won the award in 1971 while wrestling for Penn Highlands, a joint venture between the county's then four schools. Merf Radio has been presenting the Rod Tate Award since 1979.

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