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Reader's Choice Winners -
2014 Favorite Radio Station and
Rocco Pallotto Favorite Radio Personality!

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Reader's Choice Winners - Favorite Radio Station and Rocco Pallotto Favorite Radio Personality!

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Alex Ufema Award Winners

The Alex Ufema Award is given out annually by Merf Radio to Mifflin County's top high school football player. The award is voted on by local sports media. See below for more information.

1978 Jim Harmon / Kish
1979 Mike Harmon / Kish
1980 Dave Long / Kish
1981 Ken Novacich / Kish
1982 Steve Searer / Chief Logan
1983 Steve Herto / Kish
1984 Mark Hidlay / Lewistown
1985 Bill Hesketh / Kish
1986 Jerry Schnell / Kish
1987 Christian Hassinger / Kish
1988 Casey Shore / Lewistown
1989 Matt Henry / Lewistown
1990 Rob Ruby / Indian Valley
1991 Kris Hagemyer / Indian Valley
1992 Craig Weston / Lewistown
1993 Craig Weston / Lewistown
1994 Chris Fultz / Indian Valley
1995 Mike Macchiaverna / Indian Valley
1996 Lloyd Cavanaugh / Indian Valley
1997 Travis Zook / Indian Valley
1998 Jason Cavanaugh / Indian Valley
1999 Todd Yoder / Indian Valley
2000 Ken Swartzell / Indian Valley
2001 Nathan Smith / Indian Valley
2002 Matt Fetzer / Indian Valley
2003 Derek Weaver, Indian Valley and Jonathan Baker, Lewistown
2004 Andrew Shilling / Indian Valley
2005 Chris Tressler / Lewistown
2006 Nam Shartzer / Indian Valley
2007 Jay Hartman / Indian Valley
2008 Cody Battista / Indian Valley
2009 Will Long / Indian Valley
2010 Mitch Fultz / Indian Valley
2011 Harry Lowber / Mifflin County
2012 Kyle Kahley / Mifflin County
2013 Heath Hidlay / Mifflin County

Ufema Voting Procedures:

1) One vote will be given to each of the following: MCHS athletic director, MCHS head football coach, WCHX, Hometown Sports Scene magazine, Merf Radio and the Lewistown Sentinel sports department.

2) Votes will need to be turned in within one calendar week of the regular season finale.

3) Each voter will list their top three (3) candidates. Points will be awarded as follows: first place - five points, second place - three points, third place - one point.

4) The top three vote-getters will be invited to the ceremony.

Fun Facts: Lowber becomes the first player to win the Ufema since the merger of Indian Valley and Lewistown Area high schools. Overall, Indian Valley claimed 18 1/2 Ufema awards, while Lewistown had 6 1/2. Kish claimed eight before the merger with Chief Logan, which had one. Craig Weston is the only player to ever win back-to-back Ufema Awards, claiming the prize in 1992 and 1993. Mark Hidlay (1984) is the only Ufema winner to also claim the Harry Rothrock-Dick Webber Award, given to Mifflin County’s top scholastic boy’s basketball player. Hidlay's son Heath is the 2013 Ufema winner. Another Hidlay son, Hayden, won the 2013 Rod Tate Award as the county's top wrestler.

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